Wildlife Removal

Here at Xceptional Wildlife Removal our certified professionals offer complete nuisance wildlife removal in Jacksonville, FL. Call us at 904-250-0420 for wildlife removal. From trapping to home exclusion and everything in between. If you hear scratching in the attic, bumps in the crawlspace, unwanted wildlife on your property or even weird/bad smells, we are the company to call. If you have a wildlife situation call us. So many times people call handymen or pest companies when they initially discover rodents in the crawlspace or scratching in the attic only to be met with undesirable results and eventually calling in a wildlife company. Save yourself the money and the headache and make the right call us to get the results you deserve. We tackle wildlife removal throughout Duval County, Florida.

What is nuisance wildlife? Every year in America millions of families and businesses are effected financially, emotionally and physically by nuisance wildlife. Wildlife, when they become overabundant or when they inhabit areas in close proximity to people, can become a nuisance, can cause wild animal damage, or can cause health and safety concerns. We handle every wildlife issue you could imagine and even more.

Wildlife in Attic

Wildlife in the attic in Jacksonville is a common problem. Do you hear noises in the attic, walls or crawlspace? Critters of all kinds are looking for that perfect shelter. Wildlife in your attic and home will contaminate everything. We know how to safely trap and remove wildlife.

Wildlife will destroy drywall and insulation. Left alone their nest will grow as will the potential damage. If you suspect animals in your home or attic call us today. Take care of removing wildlife from your attic as soon as possible for the least amount of damage and cost.

Wild Animal Damage Repair

Once the wildlife has been removed from your home you may be left with a need for wildlife animal damage repair in Jacksonville. We will safely remove damaged insulation, drywall and other materials that animals may have destroyed. Animals can leave behind a lot of disease causing damage. Feces, urine and dead animals are just a few things that may be left in your home. These can attract other animals and disease carrying insects.

Xceptional Wildlife Removal offers real solutions wildlife problems, with the peace of mind you deserve. We deal with any and all wildlife and with no project too big or too small and with over a decade in the industry we have the experience to handle any situation. So many people feel that there is nothing you can do, that you have to accept and live with these unwanted critters in your home. That’s just not true. We have solutions for you so contact us today.