Bird Removal

Bird removal is common in Jacksonville, Pa. Birds will attempt to enter your home in order to build their nests. They will enter vents, chimneys, roof vents, and attics in search of shelter. Call us today at 904-250-0420 for bird removal. We are trained in bird removal and know the best way to evict birds from your home. We will exclude the birds from your home and seal up any entrances that are allowing them to gain access.

Birds in the home are not only a nuisance, they can cause damage and run the risk of diseases. We remove the birds and their nesting from your home and can clean up the mess they have made. Removing any dead birds from your home will help to prevent diseases from spreading.

Birds in Attic

You may often find birds in the attic of your Jacksonville home. The sooner that you exclude them from your attic the more you will lessen the potential damage. Bird droppings are caustic and will attract insects. The insects may attract other unwanted wildlife to enter your home. If you are hearing noises in the attic, call us for an inspection. We will let you know the best way to remove the birds from your attic.

We will safely remove the birds and seal up any entry points into your home. At that point we can help you with safely cleaning the damage that the birds may have caused your home. We will safely clean the bird droppings and replace any insulation that may have been damaged as they made the attic their home.

Birds in Vents

Another common problem is birds in the vents of your Jacksonville home. If you see nesting materials in any of the vents of your home, then it is a good possibility that you have birds nesting there. These vents are necessary for your home and having birds nesting in them can cause you problems. Call us to safely remove the birds in the vents and then seal the vent so that they can’t return.

Commercial Bird Removal

Not only can we handle removing birds from vents and birds from attics, we also can help with commercial bird control. Birds can be a nuisance to commercial businesses. We know the best methods for keeping them from inside and on your building. Once we do an inspection of the property we will give you the best solutions to keep the birds from returning.

Birds spread dangerous diseases. Breathing in air that has been contaminated by bird droppings can leave you with a serious infection. Exposure to contaminated air from an infestation of birds can cause someone becoming seriously ill. A professional removal and cleaning ensures that you are safe from the disease that birds spread.