Skunk Trapping And Removal

When you see or smell a skunk you can call us 904-250-0420 for skunk removal in Jacksonville. Whether they are in your house or out on the lawn, skunks can be a major problem. Their foul odor is by far their most notable trait. In addition to their awful smell, they can be very destructive pests. It is common for skunks to tear up lawns, and damage houses.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a skunk is their awful smell. They can spray children, pets, and members of your household. Even if a member of your family isn’t directly sprayed, skunks can spray animals on your property and leave a long lasting unpleasant odor. Attempting to remove the skunks yourself puts you an an increase risk of being sprayed. We take care of odor free skunk removal throughout Duval County, Florida. We provide odor free trapping and removal of skunks. Not only is hiring professionals the safest way to remove skunks, it is also the easiest.

Skunk Damage Repair

Skunks can cause damage to your property by chewing and gnawing. They can find their way through grating and gain entry to your house itself. At this point skunks and damage wiring and leave droppings everywhere. Cornering a skunk inside can lead to them scratching, biting, and spraying inside of your house.

If you have had a skunk spray in your home, we can help. Call us to help you to remove the skunk spray smell.